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Open Days 1-4 September: Come and try out the news for free!

29.08. 2023

Clever fit Karolina reopens on 1 September after a month-long reconstruction. And we're off to a fast start! From 1 to 4 September we have prepared Open Days for you, during which everyone can come for FREE to try all the new things we have prepared for you in the club.

And there is no shortage of them! Both the fitness zone and the relaxation part of our club have been improved.

The main novelty is the new Technogym Bio Strength machines, which represent the absolute best that the fitness equipment market currently offers. These machines are powered by the patented Biodrive system, using revolutionary aerospace technology complemented by artificial intelligence, which ensures maximum neuromuscular activation as well as the correct set-up and execution of exercises. So not only do the machines monitor you to make sure you're performing the exercises correctly, but with personalized training programs and biofeedback, you'll achieve 30 percent better results in your workouts!

As part of the renovation, we also added a total of 22 new machines to the strength zone and 8 machines to the cardio section. Our state-of-the-art Functional Zone has also been expanded, with the addition of new equipment. You can now enjoy races with a partner, but of course also individual training in the Skillbike, Skillrow and Skillmill zones. You can also try out our Virtual Trainer programme during the Open Days, which can create tailor-made training plans for you.


Relax in the new

You will also find new features in the relaxation zone! In Clever fit Karolina you will now find a hydromassage lounge. A modern massage machine that warms up and massages your entire body with a smooth wave massage, while you can choose the exact areas of your body to focus on, select the desired pressure, adjust the speed and even extend the massage in a certain area.

The club now also features a more comfortable relaxation room with new loungers as well as new sunbeds. We have also renovated the showers and increased the number of lockers in the locker room. And we've replaced the BodyMetrix body diagnostic with a more modern InBody machine.


Free first entry for everyone

You can try our club for free during your first entry. No need to book anywhere, just turn up - whenever it suits you. Our receptionists will register you on arrival and lend you a Clever fit wristband against your ID (ID card or driving licence, for example). This is used not only to enter the club, but also for lockers, safes or cardio machines. You can't do without it in our club. When you're done exercising, you'll return the bracelet to us.

After registration, we will show you around the club and introduce you to all the zones and machines you will find in Clever fit Karolina. You can try them out in peace and practice your workout.