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Forum Nová Karolina, Ostrava 2

Open Days - from 2 to 6 December

Full of benefits and surprises for everyone!

A tip for a Christmas present? A voucher from Clever fit!

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Biocircuit training

Revolutionary machines that will adapt to you

The best Technogym machines

Virtual routes and others from CZK 790 per month

Virtual nonstop lessons

Les Mills lessons whenever you come

Why join us?

Membership that makes sense

We want you to have results. Therefore, the minimum membership period with us is set at 3 months. But you can also choose a more advantageous membership for 6 or 12 months.

Our team is dedicated to you

We are a "clever", so most things, including payments and entry, take place automatically. Our staff therefore has more time to take care of the cleanliness and help you with your workout.

You only pay for what you use

From the membership types, you can choose the program exactly for you. If you just want to use the fitness studio and nothing more, you don't have to pay for lessons. But you can pay extra for coffee or a solarium.

Price list and membership

Thanks to the three types of membership, everyone can choose.

  • Unlimited entry
  • Showers and drinks included
  • Training plans
  • Power plate
  • Cardio virtual routes & trainers
  • Finnish sauna
  • Unlimited entry
  • Showers and drinks included
  • Training plans
  • Power plate
  • Les Mills lesson
  • Cardio virtual routes & trainers, cardio challenge, minigames, Facebook, TV
  • Solarium
  • Finnish sauna
  • 5% discount on the purchase of additional services and products
  • Unlimited entry
  • Showers and drinks included
  • Training plans
  • Unique Biocircuit training (full body workout in 22 minutes)
  • Power plate
  • Les Mills lesson
  • Cardio virtual routes & trainers, cardio challenge, GymKit, minigames, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, TV
  • Solarium
  • Massage bed
  • Finnish sauna
  • Opportunity to work out at any Clever fit branch operated by Fit Academy
  • 10% discount on the purchase of additional services and products
  • * Prices include 10% VAT.

    ** Payments are provided by the German company Magicline, which mediates all payments throughout Europe for Clever fit. Clients will be re-measured to confirm payment on the Clever fit - Magicline website. Clever fit Karolina takes full responsibility for all payments through Magicline and that all client communication always takes place through the branch in which they purchased the membership.

    Our Biocircuit technology

    Imagine a range of exercise machines that offer comprehensive effective training. Upon arrival, you simply log in, the machines are automatically set to the parameters you have recorded in your smart bracelet, and you can start your workout immediately. On machines that adapt perfectly to you.

    Get ready for a completely different exercise experience. You can move smoothly from one machine to another without stopping and waiting unnecessarily. You have a comprehensive and effective training of the whole body finished in just 22 minutes. This is Biocircuit.


    Frequently asked questions and answers about the Clever fit Karolina fitness studio

    What exercise options do you offer?

    In our fitness studio you will find more than 1000 m2 of free space for individual exercises with free weights, machines of the premium Technogym brand, in the functional zone, with TRX or top cardio machines. In addition, they are equipped with monitors on which you can watch, for example, your favorite series on Netflix. We are the only ones in the Czech Republic to offer a personalized Biocircuit training circle - you can read more about it here. In addition, the worldwide popular virtual lessons Les Mills run throughout the day.

    Do I have to commit to membership?

    We also don't like commitments, but at the same time we know that the results are not visible in a week or a month. Therefore, the minimum membership period with us is set at 3 months, after which you can already see the first results. However, if you are serious about the workout, you can also choose a more advantageous membership for 6 or 12 months.

    What if I want to terminate my membership sooner?

    We understand that your life situation may change. Therefore, you should know that whenever you decide, you can terminate the contract sooner. Just let us know at least 2 calendar months in advance. And then we'll transfer your membership to the time closest to that shortened period. In practice, this simply means that if you have a 12-month membership, but in the 4th month of the contract you let us know that you want to terminate the contract, we will transfer your contract to 6 months.

    For you, this means that you will pay a one-time difference between the monthly fee of your type of membership and the shorter membership for the past 4 months, and for the remaining two months you will pay the already increased amount. It's practically the same as choosing a 6-month membership with the corresponding price right at the beginning. So you don't pay anything extra as a punishment for not knowing at the beginning that you just won't exhaust your entire 12-month membership.

    Do you charge an entry fee for the membership?

    There is no entry fee, but we do require a refundable deposit for the Clever fit data bracelet for some membership types. This stores workout data and is used to control access, lockers and other gadgets in all Clever fit studios run by Fit Academy companies. For a 3-month membership you pay the full deposit, i.e. 600 CZK. For a 6-month membership we require CZK 300. For a 12-month membership (whether you choose Basic, Standard or Exclusive) we do not require any deposit. The deposit must be paid at the same time as the membership order. The deposit is of course refundable. The moment you terminate your membership properly and return the bracelet undamaged, we will refund your deposit in full. In the event that you lose or damage your Clever fit data bracelet so that it can no longer be used, we will issue you with a new data bracelet for which we will charge you a fee of 600 CZK.

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