MO - FRI: 6 am - 10 pm | SAT - SUN: 7 am - 10 pm

Lesson schedule

You will find the classroom in the second space of Clever fit Karolina. There is also a new addition to the schedule - Spinning! Lessons will be led by a team of Clever fit Karolina instructors. Follow the latest changes and substitutions on Facebook

Lesson information


Exercise with a loading barbell, where you work out the main muscle groups with effective exercises such as squats, lunges, supports or lifts. The workout is accompanied by music, which motivates as much as the instructor's guidance, and is suitable for men and women.


High-energy training, combining athletic elements such as running and jumping, and strength exercises - such as squats or lunges. The intense workout for men and women is accompanied by motivating music, which creates a great atmosphere for a team workout.


Effective class lasting 30 or 45 minutes focused on strengthening the core - strengthening the abdominal, back and buttock muscles, using a strengthening rubber or light weights. Combining the best of personal training with the energy of group exercise. The training is suitable for both men and women.


A slow form of exercise where the choreography is composed of elements of yoga, tai-chi and pilates, with the aim of getting a flexible and strong body. The movements performed in conjunction with beautiful music create a harmony between exercise and relaxation. The class is also suitable for men.


A lesson focused on burning and strengthening the whole body using an adjustable step. These are simple movements choreographed in a way that is not complicated, the movements are functional and everything is manageable even for beginners.


High-intensity 30-minute interval training. The class is made up of bodyweight exercises with a focus on speed and intensity. The goal is a fast burn and cardiovascular workout - both music and instructor guidance are motivating.


High-intensity 30-minute interval training. This is a class that uses large dumbbells, various weights, as well as exercises with your own body weight. There are short rounds of intense exercise, interspersed with breaks, and both the music and the instructor's guidance provide great motivation.


Cardiovascular training that has been proven to improve performance in a very short time. It's a form of HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training).


Riding a stationary bike under the guidance of an instructor, accompanied by rhythmic music. Each client has the opportunity to choose the load that suits him. The ride lasts 45-50 minutes and the lesson ends with 5-10 minutes of stretching.


Circuit training FULL BODY - group interval training, during which the whole body is exercised either using your own weight or with the help of various equipment. The basis are exercise blocks, which are interspersed with short breaks.