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What exercise options do you offer?

Our club is divided into two areas. In the main area you will find 1000 m² of zones for individual workouts with weights, on top of the line Technogym machines, in the functional, strength, free or racing zones Skillbike, Skillrow and Skillmill, TRX or on top of the line cardio machines. These are also equipped with monitors on which you can watch your favourite series on Netflix. You will also find effective Biostrength technological exercises.

In our second space, you will find a 500 m² Ladies Zone, a women-only area, a personalized Biocircuit Cardio circuit training and a room for studio classes, which you can read more about here.

Do I have to commit to membership?

We also don't like commitments, but at the same time we know that the results are not immediately visible. Therefore, the minimum membership period with us is set at 3 months. However, if you are serious about the workout, you can also choose a more advantageous membership for 6 or 12 months. If you only have limited time to exercise, we also offer packages of 5, 10 and 15 entries.

What if I want to terminate my membership sooner?

We understand that your life situation may change. Therefore, you should know that whenever you decide, you can terminate the contract sooner. Just let us know at least 2 calendar months in advance. And then we'll transfer your membership to the time closest to that shortened period. In practice, this simply means that if you have a 12-month membership, but in the 4th month of the contract you let us know that you want to terminate the contract, we will transfer your contract to 6 months.

For you, this means that you will pay a one-time difference between the monthly fee of your type of membership and the shorter membership for the past 4 months, and for the remaining two months you will pay the already increased amount. It's practically the same as choosing a 6-month membership with the corresponding price right at the beginning. So you don't pay anything extra as a punishment for not knowing at the beginning that you just won't exhaust your entire 12-month membership.

Do you charge an entry fee for the membership?

There is no joining fee with us, we require a refundable deposit for the Clever fit data bracelet for membership. This stores workout data and is used to control access, lockers and other gadgets in all Clever fit studios run by Fit Academy. The refundable deposit is 600 CZK. The deposit is of course refundable. The moment you terminate your membership properly and return your wristband undamaged, we will refund your deposit in full. In the event that you lose or damage your Clever fit data bracelet so that it can no longer be used, we will issue you with a new data bracelet for which we will charge you a fee of 600 CZK.

How long do I have to use up the single entries in my package?

You must redeem the 5-entry package within a maximum of 2 months from the date of purchase, the 10-entry package within a maximum of 4 months from the date of purchase and the 20-entry package within a maximum of 6 months from the date of purchase.

Is it possible to use a Multisport card in your fitness studio?

Our concept is based on the highest possible quality of service and equipment and a personal approach - all at a great price. Multisport card holders are therefore offered a 40% discount on the first three-month membership, entry packages and single entry. The second option is to make arrangements with your employer and you can pay for your membership in other ways, such as Sodexo vouchers, Benefit cards, Benefit Plus and others. You will definitely not lose your employee bonuses. If there are several of you from the same company, please contact us and we will find you the best corporate cooperation solution.

Can I train with you as a complete beginner?

Yes, you don't have to worry, we will show you everything, explain everything, measure your body on InBody and explain your body values. If you want to feel great, there's nothing better than getting started on a personalized Biocircuit exercise circle that adapts to your needs and any limitations. Later, you can then exercise completely on your own or with the help of one of our skilled personal trainers or coaches.

What group lessons and at what times do you offer?

You can find the group class room in our second space Clever Fit Karolina 2. In the schedule you will find popular Les Mills classes. You can choose, for example, the BODYPUMP dumbbell workout, the high-energy BODYATTACK workout, a combination of yoga, tai-chi and pilates called BODYBALANCE, a class focused on burning and strengthening the whole body using an adjustable step-step BODYSTEP, a high-intensity 30-minute interval training GRIT CARDIO A STRENGHT. The schedule also includes spinning or circuit training. Classes are offered in both 30 and 55 minute formats and the schedule can be found on our website, so you can choose in advance how much time to invest in your workout that day. We workout all day from 6:15am to 9:45pm, and from 8:15am on weekends and holidays.

Is my entry time-limited?

No, it's not. You can stay and do your workout as long as it suits you. You can also spend any time on additional activities, such as a solarium, sauna or a hydromassage lounge.

Do you offer a children's corner?

In the Forum Nová Karolina shopping centre you will find the Jungle children's play area. We are preparing for the opening of a children's corner with babysitting for children from 3 years of age during spring 2024.

What types of clients visit your studio the most?

Clever fit Prague-Kotva is visited by a diverse mix of clients. Thanks to our concept, both beginners who may not feel good in other fitness centers and real athletes who lack the necessary equipment in other gyms can easily train in our studios. With us, the client who wants the most effective training without delay will feel just as good as those of you who prefer a combination of exercise with relaxation, for example in the form of hydromassage, sauna or solarium, or want to treat yourself to great Nespresso coffee or protein cocktail after exercise. We have a choice for everyone.

Do you offer the services of a personal trainer?

It is important to us that you leave in better health than when you arrived, so you can always contact our reception staff who will be happy to advise you and help you set up your machine. However, if you need to get results really efficiently, we recommend paying extra for individual training sessions with one of our personal trainers. Take into account, however, that results are usually achieved in a minimum of 3 months, so one workout, and even ten workouts are not usually what will really get you in shape. That's why you need to individually agree with your trainer in advance on the length of cooperation that will ensure truly effective results.

What if I want coffee from you, but I don't have it included in my membership type?

Whether you want a coffee or a protein drink, you can buy them anytime via our smart app or directly at the reception. Likewise, you can purchase any workout you don't have as part of your membership, or perhaps minutes of solarium or hydromassage lounge time. You can always find price lists for individual services and products at the reception desk, or contact our staff.

Can I buy something to eat from you?

Of course, self-service vending machines are installed in our fitness studio, in which various snacks to quench hunger are also available.

Can I use your solarium?

The Exclusive membership gives you 20 minutes of solarium time per week. Additional minutes can be added at any time via our smart app, at reception or by topping up your credit. This way, even our Basic members can order solarium minutes or even a hydromassage lounge. The solarium can also be used by non-members of Clever fit, you can always find the price list at the reception or our staff can advise you.

Can I take a guest with me to your fitness studio?

Yes, you can bring a guest. Everyone who comes to us for the first time to do some exercise has a free one-day entry. If your guest would like to come to exercise more often, for example he is visiting you for a week, contact our receptionists, and they will find a suitable price for him for this period.

I am in Ostrava for a short time only and I cannot commit to membership. Can I train in your studio?

Of course we have a solution for you too. If you have never been to us, you can use the first free entry. During your first visit, our reception staff will find a suitable solution for the period you are in Ostrava.


How old do I have to be to train in your studio?

You can become a member from the age of 15 if you have a legal guardian sign a membership form for you, either in person at the reception of one of our clubs or if you present a signed form from your legal guardian.

Is the Clever fit membership transferable?

Our memberships are non-transferable, they are based on a specific name.

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