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What does our club Karolina 2 offer?

15.05. 2024

The second part of our club, called Karolina 2, can be found just 100 metres from the parent fitness & relax centre. And it's packed! What can you find at Karolina 2?



In the new part of the club you will find a room for group lessons. Group classes are led by our experienced instructors and you can choose from Les Mills programs (Bodypump, Bodybalance, Bodyattack, Bodystep, LM Core and LM Grit), circuit training, spinning, but also exercises for children from 4 to 6 years old. You can find the timetable and descriptions of each class on our website.


In Karolina 2 you will also find the Ladies Zone, a completely separate, fully-equipped exercise area designed exclusively for women. You can enter it directly from the locker room and find a complete cardio zone, strength machines, as well as all the available tools you can use in your workout.

In another separate area you will find the functional zone, which is equipped with a multifunctional Universe wall for individual training of our clients.


If you're looking for a workout that's made the most of smart technology, come and try Biocircuit Cardio 12. This unique circuit workout is powered by artificial intelligence that makes it perfectly adaptable to you. The machines automatically adjust to the parameters you have uploaded on your smart wristband, plus they monitor the correct execution of the exercises. The Biocircuit Cardio is suitable for everyone and you can get an effective full-body workout on it in just 30 minutes!

Our Virtual Trainer program will also help you with your workout. Thanks to it, you don't have to think about your training plan all the time. Simply stop by the kiosk and choose the workout that suits you.



Whatever type of workout you choose at Karolina 2, you can relax in our hydromassage lounge or in our solarium (vertical and horizontal).

Our tanning studio is also open to the public - you can buy either single minutes or one of our season passes at discounted prices.


In the club we also take care of the drinking regime of our clients, who have access to a protein bar and Nespresso coffee. You will also find a complementary sale of drinks and nutritional supplements.


If you want to work out with us and are wondering how to entertain your child in the meantime, you will be pleased to know that in June we are opening a modern children's corner with professional babysitting for children from 3 years old! In the children's corner you will also be able to book a children's party with catering and an animation programme.



You can visit our Karolina 2 club either as part of an Exclusive Membership with a virtual trainer, which you can get from 1590 CZK/month.

Or you can take advantage of a one-time entry for 190 CZK (includes entry to the Ladies Zone with gym and cardio zone, entry to a group class or circuit training under the guidance of a Clever fit personal trainer). Alternatively, packages of individual entries - a package of 5 entries costs 850 CZK, a package of 10 entries 1490 CZK and a package of 20 entries 2590 CZK.

Whether you opt for membership or individual entries, a refundable deposit of CZK 600 is always required for the Clever fit smart bracelet.


And what do you get as part of the Exclusive Membership with Virtual Trainer?

  • Women's zone with gym and cardio zone
  • Virtual trainer
  • Unique Biocircuit Cardio circuit training
  • Studio classes
  • Circuit training sessions led by a Clever fit personal trainer
  • Cardio workouts and routines, cardio challenges, mini-games, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, HBO MAX, Disney+ TV
  • 20 min. of tanning per week
  • 20 min. hydromassage lounge per week
  • Fitness bar - coffee, protein, modern
  • Multifunctional wristband 
  • Option to discontinue for 2 months on selected products or terminate membership with 2 months' notice


The Karolina 2 Club is open every weekday from 6 am to 10 pm, and on weekends from 7 am to 10 pm. For any further information, please contact us at the reception desk or call +420 731 456 217 or e-mail

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